Thursday, April 16, 2009

List some prepared grocery products commonly containing gluten?

Bouillon cubes, Candy, Cheese spreads, Cold cuts, Hot dogs, salami, sausage, French fries , Hot chocolate mixes or cocoa, Imitation fish (eg, imitation crab meat), Matzo, Nondairy creamer, Processed canned meats and poultry, Salad dressing, Hot dogs and other sausage products, Canned soups and soup mixes, Catsup, Chips and dip mixes, Communion wafer, Gravy, Ice cream, Luncheon meats, Mustard, Peanut butter, Rice mixes, Sauces/marinades (soy, oyster, Worcestershire, etc), Tomato sauce, Yogurt, Spice blends, seasonings, Flavored drink mixes, Powdered egg substitutes, Flavored/seasoned/coated nuts and seeds, Powdered sugar, Reduced-fat products, Oats (from non-dedicated facility), Fruit pie fillings.

Source: “Foods and Products that May Contain Gluten”

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