Wednesday, June 10, 2009

460w x 60h (4) Gluten-Free Mall for Gluten-Free Foods

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Which Country Appears to have more than its share of people with Celiac/Coeliac Disease?

According to the "Food from Finland" Website:

“"Finland is like a tourist paradise for people with coeliac disease on a special
diet,” suggests Antti Sierla, Finnish Ambassador to Brussels, in the latest
issue of the Keliakia magazine. The Embassy in Brussels arranged an event in
April where Finland was marketed as a model country in coping with coeliac

"An Exceptional Number of Coeliac Patients in Finland."

"Finland’s extensive knowledge of coeliac disease stems in part from the country’s
exceptionally high proportion of coeliac patients, around 1 per cent of the
adult population. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology
in 2007 measured the prevalence of coeliac disease at 0.45 per cent, which
according to Keliakia is probably the world’s highest rate of diagnosed coeliac

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Texas Bishop Includes "Celiac" in Special "Swine Flue Directive"

In a special "Directive" released to the press yesterday evening, regarding the "seriousness of the Swine Flu", Bishop Edmond Carmody, of the Diocese of Corpus Christi included "people with celiac or special needs" in his seven (7)-item list of "directives to Priests regarding distribution of Communion in wake of N1H1 virus situation". Story...
In learning about Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free living one will find there are all sorts of ways to encounter Gluten-Contamination -- yes -- even in church. While the flu is an emergent issue, The Holy Communion, gluten-contamination issue is ongoing and could be informative for anyone who is building their Celiac / Gluten IQ.
For more information on this go to or go to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops site. One can also go to google and type in the key words: gluten and holy communion and flu.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Consulting Services Available

Consulting, training, research, and authoring services are available.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can You Name some Complications of Untreated Celiac Disease?

Some complications of untreated Celiac Disease include: Malnutrition, Anemia, Osteoponea, Osteoporosis, Lymphoma, Lactose Intolerance, Depression, Nuropathy, and Short Stature.

Source: Lapid, N. (March 25, 2009). “Complications Of Untreated Celiac Disease: Why People With Celiac Disease Should Not Eat Gluten”. Retrieved from

Which grain is NOT a primary gluten grain yet has been frequently avoided on experts' advice?

This grain is NOT one of the grains primarily avoided by those with Celiac Disease yet it has been frequently avoided due to the advice of experts. Do you know what it is?

Oats are not in the primary group of grains avoided by those with Celiac Disease but have often been avoided due to fears of possible Gluten-cross-contamination.

Source: Lapid, N. (Feb. 16, 2008). “Oats and the Gluten-Free Diet: Are Oats Safe for Patients with Celiac Disease? Retrieved April 16, 2009 from

List some prepared grocery products commonly containing gluten?

Bouillon cubes, Candy, Cheese spreads, Cold cuts, Hot dogs, salami, sausage, French fries , Hot chocolate mixes or cocoa, Imitation fish (eg, imitation crab meat), Matzo, Nondairy creamer, Processed canned meats and poultry, Salad dressing, Hot dogs and other sausage products, Canned soups and soup mixes, Catsup, Chips and dip mixes, Communion wafer, Gravy, Ice cream, Luncheon meats, Mustard, Peanut butter, Rice mixes, Sauces/marinades (soy, oyster, Worcestershire, etc), Tomato sauce, Yogurt, Spice blends, seasonings, Flavored drink mixes, Powdered egg substitutes, Flavored/seasoned/coated nuts and seeds, Powdered sugar, Reduced-fat products, Oats (from non-dedicated facility), Fruit pie fillings.

Source: “Foods and Products that May Contain Gluten”